Cannabis Packaging Coding & Labeling

Find your ideal coding solution at InkJet, Inc. for all your cannabis products. Our team of experts has created inks and printers that fulfill the demand of the budding cannabis industry, helping producers meet the unique challenges set by fluctuating packaging regulations.

CBD Oil, Glass Bottles, Plastic Packaging, and More

The cannabis industry is rapidly expanding and carving a foothold as a mainstream market; however, this unprecedented development has prompted concerns of reliable coding and traceability due to the vast variety of packaging materials available and shifting labeling standards. InkJet, Inc’s coding equipment will ease the burden of these obstacles.

Whether you need to print codes, expiration dates, or dosage recommendations on glass bottles for CBD oil or plastic packing for THC-infused edibles, InkJet, Inc. has a solution.

InkJet, Inc. Coders & Ink Ensure Error-Free Traceability

Reliable, consistent labeling is critical to successfully trace a product through its life cycle. InkJet, Inc’s coders and inks are designed for error-free compatibility with a wide range of cannabis packaging, including plastic, glass, bottles, cans, and cartons.


  • Anser U2 Pro-S: Ideal for small businesses that may need a mobile option for handheld coding with the ability to code on porous and non-porous materials.

  • DuraCode CIJ (Continuous Inkjet): The most commonly used printer in manufacturing is the CIJ printer, ideal for fast-moving, continuous coding.

  • Precision Series High Resolution: The box coder you can’t live without! Robust and durable with great ink adhesion and great network connectivity options as well as graphics.


  • Food Grade Ink: This human consumption ink is used to create images on food packaging specified by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  • Custom Ink Development: Talk to InkJet, Inc. directly about your application and materials - if we don’t already have an ink for it, we may be able to develop it custom just for you!


Features of our products important to the Cannabis packaging industry include:

  • Low VOC Inks

  • Rigid/Flexible/Elastic

  • Moisture/Chemical/Abrasion Resistant

  • Direct and Indirect Food Contact

  • Anti-Transfer

  • Fast Dry

  • Aseptic Packaging

  • Offset Dates

  • Barcodes and Graphics

  • UV/Invisible Ink

The Future of Cannabis Packaging Coding and Labeling

As the cannabis industry grows and demand increases, industrial coders will become a necessary component to aid producers in complying with state traceability laws. They’ll further play a part in helping these businesses develop an automated, adaptable, versatile coding and labeling system.

Automate the Labeling and Coding Process

The days of labeling and coding cannabis packaging by hand and with stickers are steadily coming to an end. Phase out unnecessary manual work and invest in an industrial printer that will automate the process, improve efficiency, and reduce errors. InkJet, Inc’s industrial printers can be used to code:

  • Tracking information

  • License/registration number

  • Batch/lot codes

  • Net quantity of contents

  • Expiration date

  • Dosage recommendations

Adapt Quickly to Changing Rules and Regulations

Staying informed about coding and labeling rules is crucial for operating a cannabis business, especially since a nationwide standard does not yet exist. State rules are further subject to frequent change, forcing these businesses to adjust their process accordingly to continue operating legally. With InkJet, Inc’s automated coding and labeling equipment, the adjustment process is simple.

Versatile Application for Various Packaging Materials and Products

InkJet, Inc. offers universal cannabis coding and marking solutions for a variety of packaging materials. Types of packaging compatible with InkJet’s coders and ink include:

  • Glass and plastic jars

  • Rigid tubes

  • Decorative tins

  • Cartons and boxes

  • Bottles

  • Flexible pouches

  • Cans

  • Plastic bags

With InkJet, Inc’s FDA-approved, food grade ink, printing directly on edibles is possible. This method may be applied towards assorted food products such as:

  • Candy

  • Chocolate

  • Brownies

  • Mints

  • Cookies

Don’t see your product or packaging material on the lists? Get in touch with us today. Our experts are ready and waiting to help you find the right labeling equipment that works in harmony with your production process.

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